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  Deck and Privacy Fence

Cleaning - Staining - Protecting

Artisans for all your Interior and Exterior Wood

Restoration & Preservation Projects

       1st Restoration Company in the Nation to be...

Certified "MADE IN THE USA"

CERTIFICATION: An independent audit revealed that 98% of the products we use on you decks, floors, tile, vinyl, stone, and other surfaces were "Made in the USA".

Thus assuring your family's safety and quality of service by using only American made stains, finishes, chemicals and other products. Perhaps most importantly, the ultimate in sustainability - protecting American Jobs.

  "Discover What a Difference Innovation Makes"

The Secret of Quality: Strip, Sand, Stain

Our focus is on providing high-quality service, superior craftsmanship and high-end deck strippers, cleaners and stains combined for the GREATEST VALUE. That's why we are called the "Triad's Decksperts". We professionally clean and stain decks, fences, pergolas, gazebos, and play-sets, in Winston-Salem, Advance, Clemmons, Pfafftown, King, Thomasville, Mocksville, Greensboro, Summerfield, Oak Ridge and throughout the Piedmont. We use "soft pressure" washing to insure that our pressure cleaning does not hurt your deck. We are the Piedmont's leader in Exterior Wood Restoration using sustainable products "Made in the USA". Want to understand the difference in stains better? HERE.

Few companies use proven GREEN formulas or provide the level of service excellence we do. Even fewer provide the"Deck Rescue" technology of sanding a deck -- and none in the Triad offer a 3 to 7 year stain warranty as we do. The bottom line -- it's not just clean and seal, it is RESTORATION and PRESERVATION-- that's what $aves you money & time!


to provide you with

the most ReMarkable

service experience - EVER!

VALUES: We assure our mission by

championing the following 7 VALUES:

Excellence -- Systems -- American Made

Creativity -- Eco-Friendly -- Research

and most important to the Home-Owner


ReFinish, ReColor, ReNew,

ReStore, ReFresh

ReMarkable - It's Finally Affordable! 

"Our Dad


      Only What Works"

...well except when he

is in the kitchen."   

NO Big Box Store

chemicals or stains.

Only professional products

and systems ...many of which

were invented by our Dad"

Click on the Product LOGO Of Any Of One of Our Five

PREMIERE STAINS Below for More Information

3-Year Warranty

Castor Bean Oil and CitrusSuperior Insecticide Properties

"I'm glad they found something else to do

with "Castor Bean Oil" -- and the insects

don't like it either" 

Nano Technology

6-Year Deck Warranty, 10-Year Fence

Mill Grade or Exotic Wood

Quick Drying -- "stain in the morning,

cookout that evening." GREAT for Pressure Treated Pine

6-Year Deck Warranty, 10-Year FenceDeep Penetrating "Nano Technology"

Poly Blend, Seal-Once, pressure treated pine, UV protection for decks, Nano technology for decks, deck stain, best deck stain, Formulated with Polyurethane for an Abrasion Resistant surface.

-- Promotes additional UV protection Questions or Estimate?CLICK BELOW

CALL NOW 336-245-4072

 GREEN, Long Lasting, Made in USA

7-Year Guarantee

Superior Synthetic StainNano Technology

4-Year Warranty

A Sealer Used on Ships for Over 400 Years GUARANTEE

All our products have a WARRANTY and we offer

our own company GUARANTEE in writing.

You Stand on your Deck and Floor -- We Stand Behind Them.

 Our Decks & Floors are Known as...

"ART You Can Walk On"

When Performance...

Must be Beautiful

Remember the Story of the Ugly Duckling that turned into a Beautiful Swan?

Is your deck an Ugly Duckling? We can turn her into a Beautiful Swan...

7 Important Guidelines for a Long Lasting Deck

Premise Notes1) Never Paint a deck! -- Seriously, Would You Walk On Your Walls? Paint is a coating, it is NOT a will crack, flake and peel within months. It seals in moisture that leads to wood rot & mold -- and perhaps eventually a collapse.

Be Careful! -- some paint, hardware & Big Box

stores sell what they call a "stain", when in reality it is a coating or paint..

How do I know if I have a paint or stain? (click link left)

A stain will fade away. If your deck has flaked

or peeled, often revealing unstained wood -- then you have a paint or coating, -- NOT a stain.-

2) Never Pressure Wash! (click "Pressure Wash" for more info) -- It was water, heat and pressure that hurt your deck in the first place! Why do more of the same?

Our chemical cleaning and

"soft power washing". High Pressure water eats away the softer "spring wood".

3) Never Bleach a Deck or Fence! -- Using household Chlorine bleach is toxic to nearby vegetation; removes the color from wood; promotes a "worn-out" facade; destroys the lignin that holds wood fibers together; and accelerates corrosion of the metal deck nails, screws and hardware which may contribute to a costly and deadly deck collapse.

Our wood brightener actually strengthens the

wood by reactivating the natural tannins and

restoring the pH value. 

4) Always use a trained professional "Deckspert" -- not a painter, pressure cleaner or handy-man who does decks as a side-line or hobby. 9 Months a year this is what what we do. Your deck or fence is a valuable investment -- trust it to someone that understands what they are doing!!!

Restore the Beauty and Value of

Natural Wood instead of covering it up!

How can you tell the difference between

experience and non-experience? 

a) Do they offer long-lasting

penetrating stains with a warranty?

b) Do they offer to reset the nails in the deck? c) Do they perform a deck safety inspection?

d) Have they been trained in wood restoration? e) Is "pressure washing" the

first thing out of their mouth?f) Do they understand the difference

between painting and staining?g) Do they use bleach? (see #3) 

5) Never simply "waterproof" a deck. Use a Professional Penetrating Stain that protects the integrity of the wood

from the inside-out -- waterproofing, while reducing UV and insect damage,

and is guar

DSS Toolbar

ReFinish, ReColor, ReNew, ReStore .... ReMarkable


         Rescue Your Deck

- Fence - Pergola

- Play Set

$ave $1000's over Rebuilding

Real Estate experts agree, an appealing, well maintained and stained deck or privacy fence will return 100% equity on your home or rental property...and when the stain has a value-added warranty...SATISFACTION & SALES double!

$ave 20% on Fence Staining - Ask Us How?

OUR UNIQUE PROCESS...           

                                            (click to learn WHY)

1st, our premise is to reduce or eliminate pressure washing. Why? Simple... wasn't it water, heat, and pressure that hurt your deck, teak furniture, or wood fence to begin with?

Does this look like your deck?

Then you need a Deck Rescue!

Our friends at DeckDoc in Australia have

produced an outstanding video that explains why your deck is failing. These products are available in the USA exclusively through All-Things-Wood.

Oil vs Solid Coatings

We take a look at the difference between applying an oil based coating or a solid coating such as paints, stains and urethanes to your timber.The results are remarkable, proving that oil based coati...

Thinking About....


You'll Be Sorry!!!: As noted in the video above,

we join deck professionals around the world in warning consumers NOT to use acrylic, latex or film forming coatings similar to “Deck RESTORE”, Olympic RESCUE IT!, Sherwin-Williams DeckScapes, Behr “DeckOver”, Behr stain, and other solid stains, paints or coatings. If the wood-grain is slightly masked or totally hidden, then this is a film forming coating. Consequently,

it did NOT penetrate and will NOT protect the

integrity of your deck -- and you may have to re-treat in 18 months or less. Painters and salespeople will tell you that you can simply

recoat the deck, but eventually, the re-coat will

NOT adhere and will begin to come off in sheets.

Recoat 3+ times and you will have a

"maintenance nightmare" and will need to replace part of your deck and do an intense sanding.

2nd, we STRIP, SAND & STAIN 

the deck with high-end eco-friendly GREEN products - guaranteed to last for years. Cleaning a deck alone is not the answer

(and of course never bleach deck). The Deck timbers must be stripped from the inside out. Then sanded to remove splinters and grain raise; returning the deck to pristine wood and opening the wood for better stain penetration.

Have You Seen It Snow in the Summer?

Eco-Friendly Deck & Fence Cleaning

Using Our Proprietary Snow FOAM

Deck Brightening restores the pH-value, deactivates the stripper &

turns an

"Ugly Duckling" into a

"Beautiful Swan"

ready for a penetrating stain.

Getting Ready to

Sale or Rent?

A professionally cleaned, maintained and stained Deck = 100% Equity Return

Sanding your deck helps strip, coatings and paint,

flatten boards, remove "painful" splinters, and returns

the deck to pristine wood - opening the wood grain for better stain penetration.

(Click Above for Free Estimate)

REMEMBER: You will Look at Your Deck or Fence every day.

Regret or Rejoice - it's your Choice.


100% Guaranteed

Integrity Based - Results Driven! 

The "Why" We Do the "How" Of "What" We Do!

Child Safe, Pet Safe, Low VOC, Lead Free,

Eco-Friendly, GREEN, Sustainable

We say what we mean and mean what we say. We adhere to these values of integrity and quality - even during times when they are tested and easier roads abound. We strive to do the right thing. Whether it involves a personnel issue, a customer complaint, or negotiation with a supplier; we understand that a fair outcome is necessary for everyone's long term needs. We are your neighbors...and we promise you:

1. If we don’t deliver exactly as written; we will return and make it right.

2. If we damage your deck, floors, or property we will perform the repairs.

3. If you are still not satisfied we will refund the difference or apply it to a higher product.

We take professional pride in

"Wowing" our customers.

"Our Mission... of a ReMarkable service experience" is translated

by "HOW" we care for your home

We may be just what you've

been looking for!


Utilizing eco-friendly solutions we remove Behr coatings,Cabot solid stain, paint,"film forming" stains, algae 

Member of:

feeding vegetable oil, Sikkens, acrylic coatings, and Sherwin-Williams DeckScapes. As in the photo above, sometimes we must use "Soda, Glass Media or Corn Cob Blasting". But we get the job done!

OUR GOAL –to restore the beauty

and value of your original wood deck; enhanced with a protective, long-lasting, penetrating stain of

your choice; thus producing

a relaxing oasis that you

can be proud of.

We offer TRUE wood stains with

3 to 7 Year Stain Warranties

"Bronze Ceder" with a 6-Year Warranty

in the Woodgrove community

of Winston-Salem, Forsyth County.

"ART - You Can Walk On"

Carpenter Bee Trap

(Proven -- It Works!!!)

1 Trap = $20.00

2 Traps = $30.00

a.k.a. Boring Bees

make holes in your deck.

Did You Just Build Your Dream? 

 Protect Your Investment

You just spent 1000's of dollars replacing or building your deck,

cabin, shed, Gazebo or privacy fence.

Now -- are you just going to let it gray, weather and rot away AGAIN? It should be stained in 45 to 60 days to safeguard against water,

fungus, mold, insect and UV damage!

 Gallery - Challenges & Resolutions


  Breaking News -- 20 Years Protection

In Wood Science the Elimination of Moisture the Elimination of Almost All Wood IssuesAfter years of research and testing we are delighted to announce the release of our proprietary new waterproofing and wood stabilizing product:



SENTRY SEAL...a revolutionary, deep penetrating, non-toxic, waterproofing and fire retardant alkali activated silica that will SAFEGUARD and extend the life of your deck or fence by up to 20 years. Stabilizing and densifing the wood retards the deterioration of weathering by blocking moisture; thus reducing water damage, rot, mold, mildew, and other internal wood damage; -- fortifying the wood from the inside out. This technique is also known to reduce insect infestation, cupping, bowing, twisting, warping, & splitting associated with moisture. Sentry Seal leaves a natural look to wood - no film or membrane on the surface, and can then be stained by one of our leading eco-friendly stains. ReMarkable Warranty:

We are so confident in the proven technology of SENTRY SEAL that for a one time

EXTENDED WARRANTY fee of $59 for each 200 feet of fence we will replace any

privacy fence board that splits, bends, twists or fails due to moisture for 20 years.

Deck End Sealer

Through the open-grain of the deck's

board ends, the deck gains or looses

moisture, resulting in “end splitting” or cracks. (much like how a rose in a vase drinks water) To protect deck

boards from future checking

(end grain splits), we offer an end grain

sealant, a concept borrowed from

the log home industry. This inexpensive

step is for real wood or composite,

and easy to apply and will protect your

deck for a long time. Clearly, it is

worth it's weight in gold...but costs only pennies.

Rail Top Sealer

“Rail Top Sealer” works just like

the clear-coat on your car to

protect the color coat underneath.

It extends the life of the finish

system while adding depth and

highlights to the appearance.

The result is similar in feel to a

stair banister inside your home

and makes cleaning easier.

“Rail Top Sealer” has the right

permeability to keep the film

breathable while repelling water.

Is Yours a Killer Deck?

Professional Deck Safety Inspection

Evidence-based research demonstrates that a penetrating professional stain helps protects the wood from the inside-out; preventing wood rot and preventing

deck failures. Conversely, coatings and paint locks-in moisture, causing the

wood to rot which contributes to deck collapses. Research indicates that a

coating, paint or NO stain at all, has contributed to 3 out of 5 deck collapses

in the USA -- more than 20 deaths and 1000 injuries in 10 years.

Simple & Quick Deck Safety Self-Inspection Guide: CLICK HERE

Deck Safety Videos

Deck Collapse - Is your decks safe?

Over the past 10 years, more than a thousand people have been hurt and 20 people have been killed in deck collapses. - KDKA's Susan Koeppen tagged along with Brendan Ryan, a Pittsburgh home inspector,...

North America Deck & Railing Association Deck Collapse

N.A.D.R.A Deck Collapse Simulation NADRA.ORG

Inspect Your Deck Once a Year

Deck collapse is a serious problem, but one that's preventable. Simpson Strong-Tie teamed up with the Home Safety Council to educate families about the importance of deck safety and inspecting your de...

IMPORTANT! Lag Bolts & Ledger Boards

Inpart, Decks not protected by a penetrating stain will rot and fail. Steven L. Smith of King of the House Home Inspection, explains why decks with ledger boards (very common) need to be bolted to the side of the house. ...

Without Stain Deck Is Destroyed by Weather

Unstained decking exposed to harsh elements

Solid Stain / Coating Promoted Deck Rot

Deck Structural Failure or Collapse Study Conclusions(Copyright © 2010 Legacy Services, LLC - 215.804.6679)Outdoor living became popular about 35 years ago and continues to grow in popularity.

Exterior Wood Restoration

Log Homes - Decks - Fences - Docks

Play Sets - Teak Furniture - Cabins

Outdoor Furniture - Veranda - Pergola

Porches - Jungle Gyms - Patio Furniture

Gazebo - Bridges - Barns - Storage Units

NEW -- ReStoring Composite Wood Decks

$ave Even More While We Are On Site:

Driveway clean and seal, gutter cleaning, mosquito control,

shutter renew, vinyl siding restoration, painting, roof cleaning,

drier vent cleaning, cement patio clean and seal.

(click above for QUESTIONS) 

A typical All-Things-Wood, Inc customer is a discriminating home-owner who is:

  • Intelligent
  • Value Conscience
  • Enjoys An Attractive Home
  • Doesn’t Like The Look, Feel, Flaking or Peeling Of Coated or Painted Decks
  • Doesn’t Like The Hassles Of Redoing Their Deck Every 12 to 18 Months
  • Doesn't Like Wasting Money
  • Appreciates a Written Warranty
  • Embarrassed by a gray, weathered privacy fence that is falling down
  • Concerned About The Environment

PHOTO: cleaned and stained Pergola in Winston-Salem - using Seal-Once Mahogany

You will Look at it every Day Regret or Rejoice - it's your Choice

The Triad's Only Teak Furniture Cleaning & Staining Specialist - A Division of All-Things-Wood, Inc

 Click Photos Below to Enlarge

How We Are Different?

 "Use your hands

-- and you are a hobbyist"

"Use your hands and your mind

-- and you are a craftsmen"

"Use your hands, mind and heart

-- and you are an ARTISAN"

"Our Team is paid on your level of happiness"

Supporting the

Winston-Salem Rescue Mission

The men pictured on this first page are all graduates of

the ONE year program at the Winston-Salem Rescue Mission.

We trained them for a new career to go with their new lives.

(Click Here for More Information)

Available in Winston-Salem, Clemmons, Lewisville, Advance, Lexington, Mocksville, Greensboro, King, High Point, Thomasville, Stoneville, North Wilkesboro, Boone, Stokesdale, Oak Ridge, Elkin, Statesville, Burlington, Danville VA, Mount Airy, Pfafftown, 27104, 27106, and your community.

Our Services: Our technique is more than a deck sealer or waterproofing a deck -- we rescue decks. pressure wash deck, pressure clean deck, power wash deck, deck staining, deck stripping, deck wash, pressure wash, wood stabilizer, guarantee, 20 years, 25 years, power-wash decks, deck cleaning, wood floor sanding, floor refinishing, refinish wood floor, hardwood floors finish, clean decks, deck painting - never, hardwood floors refinishing, refinishing hardwood floors, finishing hardwood floors, waterproofer, waterproofing, deck cleaning solutions, deck cleaning products, remove Deckscapes, Behr, Cabot, Armstrong and other solid stains, deck coatings or paints.foam clean renew crew wood renew exterior wood restoration privacy fence protection waterproof stain fence staining waterproofer protect investment home improvement fence building Made in USA Made in America GREEN sustainability green eco-friendly Seal-Once TimberOx Green Cedar oil ceder oil Hemp Shield One-Time one time deck waterproof Winston Salem rescue mission deck cleaning cleaner our mission is to provide you with the most ReMarkable service experience Greensboro Guildford Greensboro Oakridge Stokesville King Danbury Germanton Mt Airy Pilot Mountain forsyth advance clemmons thomasville Lexington Salisbury Stokes Surry Yadkinville Yadkin veranda pergola porch jungle gym patio furniture teak play sets privacy fence wood fence log homes

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